Eco-Friendly System

Our Projects minimize the amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced as a by-product, to keep the environment from dying.

Electricity Generation

We try to work with all we have to produce as much energy as we can to help sustain the country and its people

New Technology

We are using newer technologies to further increase the quality and quantity of our production in a significant manner.

Message from Chairman


Guru Prasad Neupane




Private Sector can lead the energy sector through constructing various projects. Siddhakali Power Limited is devoted & dedicated to build, operate and transform hydropower projects in Nepal. Large Shareholders base & wider people participation is the project investment module of this company. You can be a part of this company by putting small investment in the Share of this company. All interested developers are invited to visit our Corporate Office at Trade Tower Nepal, Thapathali, Kathmandu




Siddhakali Power Limited was established in 22nd Shrawan, 2063 B.S. (7th August, 2006 A.D.) under the "Company Act, 2063". The main objective of the Company is to generate electricity through utilization of water and renewable resources abundantly available in the country to help in solving energy crisis. The Company has its Corporate Office at Trade Tower Nepal, Thapathali, Kathmandu.To be the leading Power Producer in Nepal, Company is committed to operational excellence and believes in good governance, corporate citizenship and creating value for Stakeholders.

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Dams are primarily used as a recreational lake. But when there is the need of generating electricity, the water in a this reservoir is controlled by a control Gate. Gates on the dams open and gravity pulls the water through the penstock, a pipeline that leads to the turbine. Water builds up pressure as it flows through this pipe moving the turbine.


The Turbines moves due to the pressure of the flowing water. This generates kinetic energy which is converted into usable electric energy in the generator. This is sent to the Transformers at power stations, which produce very high voltages needed to transmit electricity through the National Grid power lines. This is because high voltages improve efficiency by reducing heat loss in the power lines.

Hydro Power line

The Power lines move electrical energy from the generating site, in the power plant, to an electrical substation in bulk. This movement is facilitated by a transmission network. This is distinct from the local wiring between high-voltage substations and customers, which is typically referred to as electric power distribution. The combined transmission and distribution network is known as the "power grid".

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